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Freedom Closet launches the sustainable ‘Mask Clip’ that can turn any piece of fabric into a reusable or disposable face mask.

Freedom Closet launches the sustainable ‘Mask Clip’ that can turn any piece of fabric into a reusable or disposable face mask.



  • Freedom Closet takes the lead on making masks cool to help combat COVID-19 
  • The launch of Freedom MaskClip is a sustainable and safe alternative to disposable masks made with polypropylene and other materials which have a damaging effect on the environment 
  • Freedom MaskClip could be an innovative solution to the PPE crisis faced by hospitals battling the virus


Frustrated by the lack of masks available across the world, Freedom Closet has launched an innovative new design that allows users to turn any piece of fabric – be it a handkerchief, bandana or even a paper towel – into a sustainable mask. The product is manufactured in leading technological hub, South Korea, a country that has a long history of mask wearing and strict safety regulations on products.

Designed to be comfortable, the mask can be made with a variety of materials of the user’s choice, pleated and flared to fit faces of all shapes and sizes – you can even adjust the length of the straps. If you are in a hurry and need to step outside with something to protect yourself and others, this is the perfect solution. With Freedom MaskClip you can simply grab a handkerchief or a paper towel at short notice and turn it into a mask.


A Fashion Statement for the New Normal 

For those fashion conscious, Freedom MaskClip allows you to change up your mask every day with whatever pattern or material that suits your outfit. You can use several different mask fabrics to rotate. If all of them end up in the wash at the same time, no problem – you can always improvise and use whatever material is lying around, providing it’s clean. 

In Asian countries where mask-wearing has long been a part of the culture, many businesses made their own company-branded face wear with fashionable new designs; wearing a mask is cool. 

Freedom Closet’s ‘Mask Clip’ is a fashion statement for the new normal as we come to terms with the fact that masks are here to stay, all across the world.



Freedom Closet hopes the ‘Mask Clip’ will help solve an important moral dilemma that those passionate about environmental sustainability have faced during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The use of disposable plastics has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 crisis, according to the World Economic Forum.  We have all become conscious of the risks involved in utilizing reusable cups, cutlery and masks during a pandemic in which the virus is three times more infections than the average flu. At the same time, there’s a growing concern over the increased plastic output or carbon footprint by manufacturing, purchasing and throwing away thousands of masks every day. 

Freedom MaskClip provides an innovative solution. The clip is made of plastic but the company chose thoroughly tested materials that don’t release toxins like some other plastics. It’s also reusable and very durable, therefore can be used for a long time. The face-covering material can be replaced and cleaned in the wash – and even when you decide to wear a single-use mask, household materials such as paper towels and napkins are biodegradable as opposed to polypropylene and other synthetic materials used in disposable masks in the market.  To quote Hannah Park, founder of the company: “It’ like the travel mug of the mask. You keep this one item that works well for a long time, to reduce the amount of disposable products we throw away every day.” 

The coronavirus situation has also revealed how reliant we all are on China for cheap manufacturing and equally cheap products, often badly made or counterfeited. Freedom Closet is all about taking back control.   

Freedom MaskClip is manufactured in South Korea, an Asian hub of technology that has done exceptionally well fighting the virus. Because of the country’s transparency, proper regulations and high standards for commercial products including both medical and non-medical masks, and the long history of mask wearing to combat epidemics, buyers can be assured that Freedom Mask Clip has been developed and rigorously tested by experts who have worn countless masks, and is of high quality. 


The Ultimate DIY Product 

Many tutorials on how to make your own DIY mask have been appearing on the Internet since the outbreak of COVID-19.  However, most of the time, making these masks involves a great deal of crafting skills and time; they require patterning and sewing (usually with a sewing machine), and are difficult to put together. On the other hand, easy-to-make ‘no-sew’ masks often end with a frustrating result as they’re poorly structured, flimsy and have very uncomfortable fits – squishing your nose, for example.   

Freedom MaskClip solves both problems as it is ready to use out of the box, and its intricate design will make a well-structured mask with a comfortable fit just in seconds. All you have to do is source the material and then attach the two clips. You can adjust the size and fit to suit you. 

We all suffer from decision fatigue – the endless choice available to us on the Internet can lead to us surfing for hours for the perfect shape and style, only to throw it away once we’ve used it and start all over again. When we order a mask online or see it in the stores, we have no idea if the material will be comfortable or not. Freedom MaskClip solves this problem, allowing the user to choose the material, and experiment with different ones at little to no cost. 


Solving the PPE Crisis


While this mask cannot provide the same level of protection that an N95 or surgical mask can, staff at hospitals around the world have been improvising to ensure they have even basic protection as stocks of Personal Protective Equipment dwindle. Freedom MaskClip can provide the solution for possible future emergency situations if we see another spike of cases in the Autumn and Winter.  

Nurses and doctors who are treating the patients can use Freedom MaskClip with sanitized non-woven materials that hospitals always have anyway—for instance, Halyard H 600 sterilization wrap can be used. Simply keeping a few Freedom MaskClips ready at all times can help ensure healthcare workers’ safety in an emergency situation when mask supplies run low. 

After a u-turn by the WHO there is now a growing realization of the importance of wearing masks to protect against COVID-19. With a world seemingly in crisis, Freedom Closet hopes to take the lead on making responsible mask-wearing part of the new normal.






Freedom Closet is dedicated to making quality clothing that promotes sustainable, minimalist and focused lifestyles. 

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