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The Top 5 Reasons We Should All be Making Our Own Masks

The Top 5 Reasons We Should All be Making Our Own Masks



Do you feel like you always have dozens of masks lying around the house, but you can never find them, or you always lose them? Trying to leave the house can be a nightmare as you scramble around looking for a face covering to protect you and others around on your daily exercise routine or when you go shopping.

But there is a solution out there that can ensure you always have a mask within easy reach and ready to go. Here’s everything you need to know about making your own masks with MaskClip.


  1. Makes a Scary Situation Fun for Children

This pandemic is perhaps one of the scariest events your child has lived through. Daily government briefings and news bulletins focusing on the death count and the fear of leaving the house are enough to make even a fully-grown adult struggle with their mental health. 

While children in many Asian countries are used to wearing a mask, for many children in other places across the world the mask can be a symbol of repression and fear. 

MaskClip wants to challenge this misconception. The clip from Freedom Closet allows you to challenge your children into turning any household object, from a dishrag to an old bedcover, into a mask that can provide safety when they leave the house for essential travel. 

It can become a game, with your children able to customize their mask and inject their own personality onto it.


  1. Brings Out Our Creative Side  

From The Sound of Music (film) 

You can challenge your children and other family members to make a mask for themselves that reflects their personality. 

Ask them to hunt for material around the house that they might like. If you have some old tea-towels or other material lying around you could cut these up for them and encourage them to make them into a mask. 

Remember the mask can be a fashion statement, so you could even buy in some material in different colors and patterns to enable them to express themselves. 

This can make the experience of heading outside and donning a face covering all together less scary or annoying, especially if you only use material that you feel comfortable with and try to have fun experimenting.


  1. Makes Us More Aware of Where Our Products Come From  

Americans throw away around 268 million tons of waste every year, that’s about 4.51 pounds per person per day. We live in a disposable culture.

Compare that figure to people who make an effort to reduce their waste: Kathryn Kellogg claimed she can fit two years of trash into one 16-ounce jar. 

Part of the reason for all of this is a consumerist mentality. We never really think about where our products come from, we simply order them off the internet or buy them from the shops. A lack of understanding about how much energy that was expended in making the product can make it easy for us to throw it away when we’ve finished it. 

During the current pandemic, it might feel as if using disposable products is inevitable as we don't want to risk infection but MaskClip can solve this issue. By picking material from your own home  - such as paper towel - you can see the amount of waste you are creating and this can make you more conscious and willing to change your behavior.  

If, for instance, you use your old clothes for your mask, you might start thinking again before buying and throwing away cheap clothes too easily and decide to consume less, as you realize how much waste you are creating when a lot of it is actually in good enough condition to be repurposed and reused.  


  1. Less Hassle than making it from scratch or a DIY Kit 

Using MaskClip can be a much better option than creating your own mask from scratch or using a DIY kit. 

DIY mask making can be time-consuming and tricky as you put all the different components together. There's no guarantee that the mask will have good enough fit and quality once you’ve finished the long and difficult task either. If you have young children, you’ll have do everything to make the mask for them, taking away some of the fun.  

Instead, you can just clip the MaskClip on the fabric of your choice. It’s quick, easy and adjustable—you can’t go wrong with the MaskClip. 


  1. More Environmentally Friendly 
    Dscarded masks on the beach. From INDEPENDENT article Soon there will be more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean’.

You might think that environmental concerns should not be our first priority in the middle of a global pandemic when we can become only to aware of the dangers of reusing masks, cups and utensils that others might have used. But it is possible to protect ourselves and continue to do our bit for the environment as well. 

We might think about fashion as some glamorous industry but there’s no doubt about it, the fashion business is dirty.  The industry is responsible for 10% of the global carbon emissions and the dyes from textiles are the second largest cause of polluted water, accounting for 20% of wasted water globally.  

The U.N estimates that if nothing changes by 2050 the fashion industry will be responsible for 25% of the global carbon budget. 

Buying a regular mass-manufactured mask contributes to this pollution as you are relying on the textile and fashion industry. But by using MaskClip you can cut down on waste and pollution, as you skip some of the procedure. You can use material you have lying around at home rather, recycling fabrics you might otherwise have thrown out. This cuts down on the pollution from the manufacturing and also on the carbon emissions produced when the mask is flown out to shops and warehouses from the manufacturer, often in the developing world. 


Making Your Own Masks is Fun 

Making your own masks can be a fun activity for all of the family, it doesn't take up a lot of time, and it’s good for the environment. Many studies show when your labor of love goes into the product you appreciate it more, and therefore are happier when using it. You can use a convenient tool like MaskClip to help make it very simple and easy, so let’s do it. If millions of people do it together, we might see some real impact.