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🙌 We solved the mask problem so you won’t have to buy another one, ever.
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🙌 We solved the mask problem so you won’t have to buy another one, ever.

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Look what we created! It's the mask clip! What on earth is it you ask? Ok, here's the explanation.

All of a sudden it's 'the new norm' to wear the mask on a daily basis now. But as many of you probably have noticed, it may not be as simple as just doing one more task - covering your face - before you go outside.

It can be quite stressful to decide which mask to buy, how many, when to wash them, and how often you rotate or get a new one. There's a good chance you also waste a lot of money doing that because, if you were lucky enough to even find a reasonably priced one, they’re usually very uncomfortable with a terrible fit and quality. Not to mention the environmental impact of all these disposable masks - from manufacturing and shipping them to all the more landfills we're creating. 

So, here it is. The Freedom Mask Clip. Just clip this on the fabric you like and adjust the size and shape all you want. Our favorites were the paper towel and old T-shirt masks.


Old T-shirt

Reuse the old clothes you're not wearing anymore. Upcycle them!


A stylish bandana-turned-mask made in just seconds.

We’re planning on sharing various useful content like how-to blog posts and videos, so stay tuned. We’re in this together. Let’s mask up and stop the spread. Stay safe!



Team Freedom Closet