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About Us

At Freedom Closet, we are dedicated to making quality wardrobe staples that promote more sustainable, minimalist, focused and free lifestyles for everyone. We believe in millions of people doing it imperfectly rather than a few people doing it perfectly. Hence here we are, striving for the pipe dream to persuade millions of humans to do good things, one step at a time.

Consume Less, Keep It Simple 

Free yourself from the tyranny of stuff. Less consumption equals less distraction in a world of mounting interference.

Live More, Be Present  

The modern world bustles with distractions. Live in the here and now focusing on the challenges right in front of you.


Here and Now

Make pragmatism your style while you set your sights on the most important things in life. Time is finite. Devote it to your passions. Less time thinking about what to buy and wear gives you time to be you.

Reduce, Rewear, Relax

Freedom Closet cuts down on the number of items you need by helping you rewear what you already have more. This reduces your carbon footprint, from the pollutants emitted in the manufacturing and logistics, to the harmful detergents and water consumed for laundry, to the landfill of fashion items thrown away. It also frees up space both in your closet and your mind.

Be Free

Free yourself from the burden of endless decisions with simplicity. Less time thinking about what to buy, wear and when to wash them gives you more free time. Time for loved ones. Time to relax. Time to create. Time for leisure. Time for adventure. Time to be free.

Hope you join us in the movement. 



Freedom Closet